Not dead yet

What is Not dead yet ?

It's my way to celebrate life. You are still alive despite of the obstacles & the many knives that stabbed you in the back?
Congratulations! You totally deserve to be in the Not dead yet club. ☺
Each tee-shirt is unique, custom with a handmade embroidery with over 30 knives in the back. The tee-shirt is always black, the knives are in color.

♡ Tee-shirt 100% cotton & the embroidery is made by hand with french 100% cotton.
♡ Each tee-shirt takes between 13 and 18 hours of work.

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How can I get mine? 

✹ You can order your tee-shirt via my contact page, I'll answer you as soon as possible.
Tell me your size & color. I would be very happy to stab you in the back. 


☀ Price is 115€ without shipping.
+8€ for Belgium 
+15€ Europe & UK 

☼ Time for shipping 2-3 weeks.

✳ Each order comes with unique description, washing instructions & a Not dead yet sticker in its own box. 

Please note that is a piece of craft.
To make it last, respect the washing instructions: handwash only

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